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Vinyl Soffit

Soffit lends a crisp, clean appearance to the eaves and rooflines, but did you know it also helps to keep your home structurally strong? A well-designed soffit system provides essential ventilation to help prevent the damaging effects of trapped moisture. It also promotes directional air movement through the roof structure, eliminating moisture that can cause rotting and decay.

Product Features

A Variety of Profiles
Choose from four distinctive profiles to give your home the perfect finishing touch. Sequoia Select, Oxford and Fairweather also install beautifully as vertical siding - dramatically enhancing gables, entryways and other accent areas.

Sequoia® Select Ultra-Premium
This extra-wide 12" vinyl soffit is superbly crafted with a heavy-duty .044" panel thickness and hidden dual vent slots that deliver 10 sq. inches of ventilation per linear foot. The panel's subtle matte texture and clean-line design combined with a high-performance construction achieve a markedly superior finish.

Oxford® Premium
Oxford presents an ample measure of style and substance in a quality-crafted vinyl soffit. Its durable construction enhanced with a light roughsawn texture will protect the hard-to-reach areas of your home with a resilient finish. The fully vented panel has 5.3 sq. inches of ventilation per lineal foot.

Beaded Premium
Ever faithful to its historic character and appeal, Beaded Premium features a sculpted bead, recessed vents and luxurious matte texture. The soffit's generous 8" width is ideal for porch ceilings and areas covering greater spans.  Available in Snow White, Linen, Canyon Clay, Pebble, Wicker and Sandalwood only. The vented panel has 2.4 sq. inches of ventilation per lineal foot.

Beautifully crafted with a brushed texture, Fairweather soffit provides an attractive, easy-care finish at an economical price. Fairweather offers both center vented and fully vented profiles along with a non-vented profile. The center vented panel has 2.3 sq. inches of ventilation per lineal foot and the fully vented panel has 7.1 sq. inches of ventilation per lineal foot.

Easy to Maintain
When you choose vinyl soffit for your home, you can forget about time-consuming maintenance. The vinyl color goes all the way through each panel, so it never needs to be painted.  Your soffit will keep its fresh-looking finish season after season.

Warranty Coverage

Gentek soffit is backed by a Lifetime Limited, Non-Prorated, Transferable Warranty with hail protection and lifetime fade coverage.



Colours will vary based on user's screen settings. We recommend that you make final colour selections using actual product samples.

Not all colours offered in all profiles. Please check with your local Gentek representative for product availability.

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